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Taitat Changlin Pipeline Technology(Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. the former name is Jiangxi Taida Changlin special equipment co., Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing hot tapping&plugging machines and rush repair service for petroleum& gas pipelines. With registered capital 33million, our factory covers an area of 100acres, and building area is 240,000 square meters. With 30 years history and rich experience, we have developed these series hot tapping and plugging machines since 1982. Our products have been widely used in urban fuel gas company, also we provide equipments for CNPC Pipeline Maintenance Co., LTD., Sinopec Pipeline Storage&Transportation Co., Ltd. and other professional pipeline service company.

With passed ISO9001 certificationwe get the manufacture permission license of medium piping element, Installation, Alteration, Repair& Maintenance License of Special Equipment. We are the member of Sinopec material resources market, Certificate of China gas material supplier.

Xinyu Taitat Changlin Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary company, undertake the hot tapping& line stop project for steel and PE pipeline. Currently, we have got integral anticorrosion technique of buried pipe fitting. Working with Hainan Minsheng Pipeline Gas co., Ltd, we founded the national training base of plugging workers. 

  •     Since 1982, it has been developing and producing pipeline

    continuous transmission and compression Construction Department

    Column equipment has been more than thirty years of history,
    has accumulated a wealth of practical experience.onceSuccessively
    in Nanjing, Beijing, Hubei, Jingmen, Honghu, Tianjin,Xi'an, Inner
    Mongolia,intoXiangtan,Qingdao and other places engagedin dozens
    of oil and gas pipeline pluggingProject work, the projecthas been
    a complete success.


     The company has advanced level of precision machinery and equipment.
     With standing boring and millingHeart, CNCthree roll bending machine,
     CNC intersecting line cutting machine, all fiber trolley furnace,

     bigType vertical lathe,boring machine, milling machine, planer,

     lathe and other processing equipment. Attach importance to

     personnel training,Pioneering and innovative, new forces for the

     technical team.Independent research and development of a number 

     of products and won Patent.

  • Have a professional, comprehensive, hard-working and dedication

    Team. We have to carry forward the Changlin group "inheritance
    of military quality, hard service
    "Customer service" for the
    purpose; to create a "hundred years enterprise" as the goal; to
    achieve customers,
    Integrity, responsibility, efficient cooperation
    at the core; to provide customers with the best quality service.

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  • The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001
    systems Certification has been made by the State Administration
    of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued by A1
    (2) and A2 (1),B1, B2 valves, B1 (2), class B2 pressure piping
    components manufacturing license, long lost(oil and gas) pipeline
    plugging (Grade A), as a member of the Sinopec material resource
    marketA network member unit of a unit and a supplier.

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